What is this software about?

This software helps you create calligraphy just by typing and making the desired changes in very simple way. You get different fonts with different variables of the strokes and variations.

Which keyboard is used for typing?

We have setup the keyboard to Phonetic base for providing ease of typing to new users.

How many variables do I get for each letter?

It all depends upon the complexity of the font and the shape of the letter. A maximum of 12 variations are available for letters and above 50 variations are available for “kana”.

Can I use other fonts in this software?

No, you can only use the fonts available in this software which are specially designed to function with variables.

Then how can I use this fonts in other software?

Just complete your calligraphy design and export your creation in various forms like .jpg, .png, .pdf & .svg which are supportive for most of the standard applications such as Photoshop, Coral, Illustrator, InDesign, Flexi, etc.

What are variables?

Variables are the different patterns in a individual letter of single font. You get variety of Glyphs of single character in a font.

How to get the variations?

Just select the desired glyph/letter, and you shall get a preview of all the available variables for the same. Just click on the variation of your choice and it shall get replaced with the selected one.

Can I change the colors of the fonts?

Yes you can change the color of fonts in this software.

Can I copy text from this software and paste in other software?

As already explained, these fonts are specially designed to function within IndiaFont V1 software for calligraphy. So, you won’t be able to do so.

Can I import any of my image in this software?

Yes, you can import your desired image in the software in the supportive formats like jpg, png or svg.