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IndiaFont, Its Calligraphy software for Indian Languages. IndiaFont invented and proved that calligraphy can be done with fonts and software too. Before IndiaFont we were struggling to have fonts for Indian languages which can be modified within font for better design / typography experience.

Not only it provides calligraphy fonts, but also you get lots of letter variables for single letters for most of the letters, so you can enhance the typography by just a click with multiple choice. Doing this with other letters of the word in the way the swoosh doesn’t disturb others but looks creative create great text for you design.

IndiaFont is full of other features to enhance the typography such as Alom – Wilom, 50+ KANA letter variables in single font, Magnetic selection tool to select complex letters easily and many more basic design tools so you can design all at one place.

IndiaFont has been founded by Mr. Manoj Jaiswal on 14th Jan 2017, initial we provided 100s of Calligraphy fonts in TTF format with SUPER KEY option to get few variables for selected letters. After a year, it introduced software called IndiaFont Version 1 with advance calligraphy fonts, variables. Alom-Wilom. Library etc. IndiaFont V1 was launched on 4th Feb 2018.

Almost one and half year of that, we introduced IndiaFont Version 2 with addition Design tools and updated calligraphy fonts. Currently, IndiaFont offers 3 Indian Language calligraphy fonts which are Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati. IndiaFont also have English fonts to work on.

We are planning to provide the calligraphy fonts for most of the major Indian Language in near future.

The fonts for now are Non-Unicode based and soon we will have Unicode based fonts too. IndiaFont V1 and V2 are Windows based application and planning to provide for Mac too very soon.

If you have any kind of more information, please feel free to contact us. We are always open to have words with you.

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