Did You Know?

Alom Wilom

IndiaFont has introduced the concept called Alom-Wilom with IndiaFont V3 application to enhance the calligraphy text to the next level. You can now modify ADHOREKHA at start and end point which we call Alom-Wilom respectively

  • To use Alom-Wilom concept, please go into the text editing mode by double click on the text you typed and then take the blinking curser to very start and press “Shift+<” or click on “ALOM” icon which is at left tool bar of the software.
  • Now you have ALOM, for WILOM, you just need to take the curser at very end and press “Shift+>” or on “WILOM” icon which is at left tool bar of the software.
  • You have variables for ALOM-WILOM too just like any other letters. Don’t miss to explore different variable design and combination of ALOM & WILOM which create extra ordinary typography.
  • Different font has different style of Alom-Wilom, you must check it.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any concerns; we are always open to have words with you.

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