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Trial of IndiaFont V3

Working with IndiaFont V3

  • Once you download and install the IndiaFont V3 just open it from Desktop shortcut or the system installed location to launch it.
  • You will get size selection box for you design right after cool Splash screen.
  • Just keep in mind that you create new file only after all fonts get loaded.
  • You can check that in Font selection field, it will show you “Loading Fonts…” at start and once it’s done you will the 1st font name started with “AMS”.
  • Now you can create your canvas / file with desired size.
  • Click on the “T” icon and then click on canvas anywhere to add your first text box and then start typing as IndiaFont keyboard.
  • Once done, please press “Esc” and click on “Magnetic Selection tool
  • You will see that 1st letter is now selected and all of the available letter variables are now showing in at the bottom panel called Letter Variable Panel.
  • You can click on any of the variable listed in the panel to see how it look with your text until you get best fit.
  • One you done with 1st letter, just click on “NEXT” icon which is right after “Magnetic Selection tool” and you will see that next letter is now selected and variables for it are now reflecting in letter variable panel.
  • Keep exploring with different variables for different letters and create great combination with you think is best for your design.
  • You can choose from bunch of available fonts, just make sure that each time you change the font, create new text box. Changing font with existing font would not work well as we have changed some variables which may be or may not available for different font.
  • To use Alom-Wilom concept, please go into the text editing mode by double click on the text you typed and then take the blinking curser to very start and press “Shift+<” or click on “ALOM” icon which is at left tool bar of the software.
  • Now you have ALOM, for WILOM, you just need to take the curser at very end and press “Shift+>” or on “WILOM” icon which is at left tool bar of the software.
  • You have variables for ALOM-WILOM too just like any other letters. Don’t miss to explore different variable design and combination of ALOM & WILOM which create extra ordinary typography.
  • Different font has different style of Alom-Wilom, you must check it.
  • Now your calligraphy text is ready with creative combination of letter variable, Cool Alom-Wilom kind things… Lets explore 50+ Kana variable which is quite easy. Just select any KANA from the word you typed and press any of the keys: “[“ “{“ “] “ “}“ or use left tool bar Different KANA options for the same. You will see that the first design of KANA is now changed and you also have variables for it just like other letters. Using different keys mentioned will give you different design. Please do explore.
  • Once it done, and you think your typography design is ready, you can export it to server different format to use with other design software like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDraw and many more. The options for Raster are JPG and PNG and for the Vector you can export to SVG or PDF.
  • The PNG file will be without background / transparent if you have not chosen any background
  • We recommend SVG file if you are planning to work with Adobe applications.
  • And for CorelDraw, you should have PDF file. There are 2 options for PDF export, if you face issue with PDF in CorelDraw which is exported from IndiaFont V3, please make sure the text has solid black color and no gradient etc and export using “IndiaFont V3 PDF” format.
  • If you continue working on design in IndiaFont V3, that’s great. We got Lots of cool Design features in IndiaFont V3.


Exporting in trial version is not available but you will get best idea that how IndiaFont V3 can help you with calligraphy fonts and typography.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any concerns; we are always open to have words with you.

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