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How to change the fonts in IndiaFont V3

To choose / change from wide range of creative calligraphy fonts in IndiaFont V3, please use the font selection filed. Simple click on it and scroll down or type font name to search desired font.

  • You can choose from bunch of available fonts, just make sure that each time you change the font, create new text box. Changing font with existing font would not work well as we have changed some variables which may be or may not available for different font.
  • Click on the “T” icon and then click on canvas anywhere to add your first text box and then start typing as IndiaFont keyboard.
  • Once done, please press “Esc” and click on “Magnetic Selection tool
  • You will see that 1st letter is now selected and all of the available letter variables are now showing in at the bottom panel called Letter Variable Panel.
  • You can click on any of the variable listed in the panel to see how it look with your text until you get best fit.
  • One you done with 1st letter, just click on “NEXT” icon which is right after “Magnetic Selection tool” and you will see that next letter is now selected and variables for it are now reflecting in letter variable panel.
  • Keep exploring with different variables for different letters and create great combination with you think is best for your design.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any concerns; we are always open to have words with you.

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