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Font Typing

Font typing
We have made hindi & marathi normal typing & calligraphy typing very easy simple and user friendly. Anyone, right from a school going kid to a professional graphic designer can use our typing methods at the same ease. And create the desired calligraphy style content for their designs.

We have phonetic typing method assigned to each key for each letter, kana/A ki matra, velanti/E ki matra to make typing simplified for everyone using our software.

We have also created a keyboard typing manual so that it is easier for you to know the keys, which won’t take more than one day to understand the typing method.

There are five things which can be typed using text tool (T):
1. Typing calligraphy letters
2. Kana/
3. Velanti
4. Typing alom wilom

5. Selecting variables
Typing Calligraphy Letters:-
To type text in any language which we provide in our software, you need to follow some simple steps.
1. Select text typing tool by selecting the second tool from top on the left hand side toolbar.  . Or you can even activate the text tool by pressing the key “T” on the keyboard.
2. To know which letter belongs to which key we have attached “keyboard typing manual” which will help you to know which key belongs to which letter. Typing in IndiaFont V3 is simple phonetic typing which anybody can learn in just 1 days time.
3. After selecting the text tool by either ways mentioned above you have to click anywhere on the canvas to get the typing cursor. Once you get the typing cursor you can start typing the desired text.
4. After typing the text, you can change the font from the top left side font selection box under file menu. All the fonts falling under the package you bought will show in that font box, in list view. From there you can change the desired fonts, we also have added a feature of preview while moving the cursor on the list of fonts you can see the fonts changing in preview.

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