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Updated Features Summary

Updated features summary

The October 2019 updated release of Indiafont V3 is the second version of Indiafont Calligraphy fonts Software, which gives a compelling experience to all the designers, calligraphy artists, illustrators, printers, digital photographers and to all who have basic computer knowledge.

Compelling updated features in IndiaFont V3 are as follows:-
Color Swatches

Gives you new and updated colour variance to create colourful and vibrant calligraphy content and graphics design output. 

Gradient Swatches
Allows you to use different and exciting colour combinations in your designs.

The gradient tool lets you draw gradients across layers or selections and also fill text and shapes with gradients.

Drop Shadow
Drop shadow is a commonly used effect, often found in advertisement graphics & images, catalogs etc. You can create  custom shadow to objects separating it from the background.

Image Filters
Allows you to apply various types of combinations and effects to create various combinations and image effects.

Graphics Library
A number of various design elements are stored in this section which is easily accessible and ready to use.

Layers can be used to work on individual parts of a content or an image while not affecting other parts. It allows you to adjust or edit your text, image, change colors and many more without modifying your originally created design.

Clipping Mask
The image in the base layer acts as a mask for the shape above it. The bottom layer takes over the shape of the layer above it and fills the given shape. This can enhance your calligraphy text design or the object output.
Opacity function allows you to adjust the transparency of any image.

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