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Typography is a powerful force which makes text communications more effective, impressive and persuasive. When the personality of the font you use matches the personality of the text, people are able to read that text more quickly and easily.

IndiaFont V1 is great Marathi, Hindi calligraphy fonts software to create visual and semantic designs. It works like an infinite fluid canvas. Now you can make your client or brand look great by working with this amazing software which has up to 12 Variables for each letter and up to 60 Variables for KANA. Apart from that, you get Creative concepts like Alom-Wilom, Ready-made backgrounds, and Vector Decorative Items. Indiafont lets you work with real, full-length content and you can easily switch between typefaces, weights, and styles for more informed decision-making. You get complete creative freedom with advanced tools for professional creative editing and graphic design. Indiafont is the perfect Hindi and Marathi calligraphy fonts software for modern, luxury products and packaging as well as bold ad campaigns, window signage, magazine headlines or the classic branding project. Download free trial now



We have got Quality, fresh & modern Hindi & Marathi Font with a handmade calligraphy style, decorative characters, and a dancing scripting lines. Robust, towering, and geometrically refined, our typefaces are a surefire classic cocktail of equal parts utility and elegance and are effective in a diverse spectrum of situations.



Along with being optimized for legibility and reading, each font’s every letter have some Great variation of creative Calligraphy / Typography. With decorative glyphs, ligatures and a touch of modern refinement in both Hindi and Marathi languages, we provide an all new alternative set of characters for your creative requirements.



With value-added features for our language to decorate your designs like a pro, create clever and memorable typography that forms an iconic link to the core idea. With organic-modern style to convey shapes and gestures, stylistic sets, special ligatures, and swashes, Indiafont were designed specially to let your imagination fly.



With 60 kana variation in each font with different styles to use and enhance, you can now focus on the finer points and achieve precise control over your typography. These variations allow the user to be even more creative and playful with the type and open up many different possibilities that certainly will spice up your design.



Creative ready-made backgrounds not only saves your time in designing but they let your typography interesting and make the message shine. Stunning backgrounds and typefaces work together to create something special with a unique touch and dimensional element, and even though they’re different, they feel as if they all belong.



Tweak with our huge collection of ready-made vector elements like swirl, shape, dividers, ornaments to create the kind of expressiveness that differentiates. Our archive of vector elements can be easily scaled or customized without losing quality, quickly accessed and implemented into your designs to add some flair or artistic elements.

Check out the fonts which you will be getting with V1 Packages

Indiafont is a very powerful design and Marathi, Hindi calligraphy fonts software. This software retains an intuitive and versatile interface that lets you combine elegant typography with color, backgrounds and vector elements. Indiafont is everything that a professional graphic designer needs to design and create logos, signatures, punctuation or characters as well as many more typographical instances. You can download this software for calligraphy fonts free online with few sample typeface and update it with our font packages. While Star package offers 51 varied, beautiful and elegant fonts, with Gold package, you get a complete set of 75 highly versatile fonts which are efficient in both print and digital environments. With both packages, you get features like 12 variables, up to 60 kana and alom wilom. However, you can get version update benefits only with Gold package. These decorative typefaces lend itself to display applications and eclectic logo designs which brings a vintage touch to any branding project and elevates contemporary editorial layouts.


STAR copy
  • Star Package
  • 51 Fonts
  • Language - Hindi / Marathi
  • Variables - Upto 12*
  • Kana Variables - Upto 60**
  • Alom Wilom - YES
  • Next Version Update (V2) - NO
  • Free fonts with V2 - NO
  • Price - 5,900/-
  • Catalog - Click to View


  • Premium Package
  • 65 Fonts
  • Language - Hindi / Marathi
  • Variables - Upto 12*
  • Kana Variables - Upto 60**
  • Alom Wilom - YES
  • Next Version Update (V2) - No
  • Free fonts with V2 - No
  • Price - 8,900/-
  • Catalog - Click to View