With IndiaFont V1, you will get very anique typeface,  creative style fonts. Yes, you will get the fonts which will make your design stand out the best. We worked hard for the same to give you lots of different style fonts. Font style which is close to our daily life, which can gain attention of the reader. Emotional attachment with your design is main USP for all  designs and every graphics designer or graphics design firm know how important is this.


This is our main feature which will change your thoughts about the software IndiaFont V1. Yes, with each and every letter, you will get upto 12 variables in different style / way.

Letter Variables is the most fantastic thing which we have in IndiaFont. Now you may have question, what exactly letter variables are and how it works? Let us explain: Letter variables means different kind of design or style for same letter. For example, if you type letter “d” and select it, you will see up to 12 different letter designs for same letter “d”. So, you can use any one of it as you think looks best with your creation.
Basically, these variables are divided into three categories,

  • Start: Where your letter comes in the first place of text.
  • Middle: When its in middle of the text.
  • End: When your character is to the last in your text.


Now you have value additional features for our language to decorate your designs like a pro. We call it Alom Wilom, if you know, it means “START” and END, so here you will get highly creative designs for your characters to start and end at the ADHOREKHA.

When you done doing calligraphy / typography by IndiaFont V1, you actually not done with it, you can develop it more by adding some creative design at Adhorekha at the start and end doing this you will get multiple variables to design as per your requirement.


We all know that KANA in Hindi & Marathi language is mostly used letter which help other letters to complete theme. So we have decided to gave you most of the different designs for it. You have upto 60 different KANA style in IndiaFont V1. Changing one KANA is equal to changing the font so having 60 kana make that one font 60 time itself. 


With IndiaFont V1, you get some of high end creative backgrounds to use with your typography. No special commands needed for it, just one click and you are done. Would love to share some of it here to get better idea for the same.


We had lots reviews from our clients asking for vector elements like swirl to use. This make much easy and fast work for typography. We have lots of creative and sharp design elements in vector to use. We have decorative items, Shapes, Advance shapes etc to use.