Canvas size

Choose from mostly used canvas size presets
or have it the custom of your choice.

Application tool to make it easy

With the help of move tool, text tool, Pan &
Zoom, it’s easy to work faster and create your

Wide range of fonts
for your design

The font selection tool makes it easy to access different fonts and choose between, mouse over will give you the preview for selected text.

Wide Range
of Graphics Elements

With wide range of customized Stock images,
vector icons and color artworks, now you can
enhance your design within the IndiaFont V3.

Image Filters

Image Filters can change / enhance the
look and feel of image according your
design needs.

Variable Panel

One of the Most beautiful things of
IndiaFont software, where you can choose
best alternate character for single letter.

Multiple KANA’s

The mostly used glyph in Hindi / Marathi
Language now comes with up to 50+ Variables,
so you can choose one of the best and
customize your typography within minutes.

Alom Wilom

Alom-Wilom will also help you to give another
creative way to enhance the upper line of the
text in diff creative ways.

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