How to use Gradient in IndiaFont V3?

IndiaFont V3 provides two tools that work together to create and edit gradients for your text or objects: Gradient Swatches and Gradient Mixer.

Gradient Swatches provides pre-defined gradient swatches to use, which can be accessed from the right toolbar. Simply select the text or object and apply the desired gradient swatch.

On the other hand, Gradient Mixer allows you to create or edit the gradient applied to the text or object. This tool is also located in the right toolbar, and its shortcut key is (Shift + G). With Gradient Mixer, you can adjust the gradient colors, stops, angle, and other properties to create a custom gradient.

To use these tools, simply select the text or object you want to apply the gradient to and choose the desired gradient swatch from Gradient Swatches or create a custom gradient using Gradient Mixer.

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